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Want to Improve Your Wellbeing With Creative Writing?

July 11, 2022

Woman writing in a notebook. She is holding a pen in one hand and a cup in the other.

Would you like to write, but you tell yourself you’re not creative? Well if you can write, you can write creatively. It’s not about having great spelling or grammar, or even knowing exactly what you want to write. It’s about putting pen to paper and seeing what comes. The bonus is that creative writing also improves your wellbeing.

How Creative Writing Improves Your Wellbeing

Creative writing and other creative pursuits like drawing or painting can improve your wellbeing by;

  • Relieving stress and anxiety;
  • Helping you feel relaxed and grounded;
  • Helping you express your thoughts and feelings;
  • Improving your self-esteem-you’re learning new skills and maybe even discovering a new talent!

What to Expect in a Creative Writing Workshop

creative writing class, people gathered around desk writing in a notepad

If you want to try creative writing, giving a workshop a go can be a great place to start. You don’t have to be JK Rowling to attend and you don’t need perfect handwriting, spelling, or grammar. The thing to remember is that you are writing for yourself and there’s no pressure to share what you’ve written if you don’t want to.

The workshops are not about creating a perfect written masterpiece, they’re about exploring your creativity, relaxing, learning something new, and finding new ways to express yourself.

You’ll do exercises that focus on a few different kinds of writing, like:

Mindful writing: Have you ever been doing something where you’ve been totally in the moment? Mindful writing can bring you into the moment and get you in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and senses.

Free writing: This is just writing whatever comes into your head. It doesn’t matter about spelling or grammar, it’s all about expression.

Reflective Writing: Writing about your memories can help get your creative juices flowing. You’ll focus on details like how something looked, tasted, smelled, felt, or sounded.

Want to Try Your Hand at Creative Writing?

Flyer advertising local creative writing sessions at Gas Green community centre

There’s a summer of creative writing workshops coming to Gas Green Community Centre. There’ll be sessions on poetry led by an amazing guest poet, plus sessions on writing techniques led by local writer Michelle Robinson.

The fortnightly workshops will take place in the lounge at Gas Green from 11am-12.30pm on:

Saturday 16th July

Saturday 30th July

Saturday 13th August

Saturday 27th August

Saturday 10th September

Saturday 24th September

If the weather is kind, we might even be able to go and write in the Tewkesbury Road Rest Garden!

If you want to learn some new skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, get in touch with Michelle Robinson at to sign up.