Neighbourhood Projects

Our neighbourhood projects fall into five categories and aim to meet the needs of as many residents in St. Peter’s and The Moors as possible.

Community Wellbeing

SPTM Big Local develops and supports projects and activities that have a positive impact on our community like:

  • Encouraging personal development, training, and skills-sharing through resident-led activities, our Community Chest grants, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Supporting back to work schemes and money management programmes.
  • Promoting healthy eating, cooking on a budget, and recipe sharing through our #ReduceWaste project.

Investment in Our Green Spaces

We know how important clean and safe green spaces are for our community, so we:

  • Support the development of ‘Friends of’ groups who keep our parks tidy and safe.
  • Invest in facilities and work with the local authority to develop green spaces to meet the needs of users.

Building for the Future & Our Young People

We want to invest in the future of St. Peter’s and The Moors, especially in our young people. This is why we are:

  • Investing in a community & sports hub in partnership with Cheltenham Saracens Football Club. This will be a sustainable resource for the area and a facility for everyone across Cheltenham to enjoy.
  • Working with key partners to support and encourage young people to have a voice and develop projects and activities to harness their skills and provide opportunity.

Community Inclusion

Our vision for SPTM Big Local is that we are a community project for residents, which is led by residents. This is why we are passionate about:

  • Facilitating community decision making for local investments.
  • Giving the community a voice and empowering them to take action for local improvements.
  • Creating a community network where we can support each other and become friends.

Community Opportunities

We know that there are a lot of people in our community with skills and talents to share. That’s why we:

  • Make funding available to the community for community impact projects, activities, training, or the creation of a local resource.
  • Encourage ideas and skills sharing with the wider community.
Our story

The difference we made

We are very proud of the impact our projects, activities, and funding has had in the St. Peter’s and The Moors area. Here are just some of our achievements.


individuals supported by our #ReduceWaste food project during the pandemic.


people per week continue to benefit from the food project.


adults and kids take part in our summer activity programme every year.

During the height of the pandemic, we supported over 7000 individuals from households across our area and wider Cheltenham through the #ReduceWaste food project. We held drop-in sessions and made deliveries to people who were shielding. A team of 8 people, some of which were local residents giving their own time to help out, helped make this possible.

The food project continues to support 40 people per week on average through our two drop-in sessions.

In summer 2021, we hosted a calendar of activities over the holidays for families and individuals to enjoy including ability bikes and urban golf. Throughout the 5-week period over 200 people took part.

Around 10-15 people attend our ‘Big Socials,’ our monthly informal community meetings where residents can find out about how to get involved with us and much more.

We organise an annual community coach trip for around 50 people from the local area.

A success story – Cheltenham Saracens FC had been struggling for many years to get Gloucestershire County Council to install official road signs for the club from the main road. Many visiting clubs, supporters, and partners had struggled to find the club due no clear signage. Lost drivers were also causing issues for the local residents in St Peter’s Close such as blocking roads and parking inappropriately. Not only that, coaches were getting stuck.

After many emails to departments at the County Council, it was recognised that the only issue was the cost of the signs. SPTM agreed that there would be a positive impact on the club and the local area if they had these signs. So we agreed to fund the printing and installation of the road signs. This has helped give the club a clear identity in the area and has eased issues for locals residents
and visiting drivers.