University Presentations

On Tuesday the 27th January the Landscape and Architecture third year students, from the University of Gloucestershire presented their assignment work at Gas Green Baptist Church. Their first assignment task was to produce a memory map of the area, from their experiences of walking around with Dan and by their selves. This was then presented to their class mates, lecturer, Dan and residents of the community.

These memory maps were presented in a variety of ways which included; a video of the area taken on a bike imposed onto a chipboard with residents and the students views hung from it using nails and luggage labels, a video of parts of the area with background sound, a poem describing the layers of the community and 3D cardboard structure showing different areas.

The presentations were enjoyed by all and we look forward to the students second assignment where they have to make suggestions on what can be changed in the area. This will be done by working alongside the residents of the Big Local area.

Below are some images of the morning courtesy of Scott Farlow who is the students lecturer for the module.


AD6601 in full flow                   AD6601 two masks                    AD6601 sermon        AD6601 audience AD6601 Sun StreetAD6601 red light