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How to Get Motivated Again After Lockdown

If you feel like you lost your motivation and your zest for life during lockdown, the coming of Spring should definitely bring some reasons to feel more upbeat.

Spring itself is about new life; it’s when nature comes out of hibernation after a long winter, and hopefully as the seasons change and we start to slowly come out of lockdown, we should feel like we have a new lease of life too.

If you need a little bit of helping getting motivated again after the past year, Big Local can help. We’ve got some lovely activities going on over Easter and in the coming months to help you feel great again.

Here’s how to get motivated again after lockdown.

Walk the River Chelt Trail

There’s something about getting out for a walk when the sun is shining that makes you feel great, and we are proud to say that we are the sponsors of an amazing new local activity.

Christina Poulton, the founder of Art Playground has put together a walking trail along the River Chelt. You can find tags along the way with a QR code you can scan which lets you access an audio post about something interesting nearby. If you want to get fit and learn more about the local area at the same time, check out the walk on the website

This project was funded by through our Community Chest. This is a small grants fund for community-led activities or projects that local residents or groups would like to set up. You can apply for up to £250, or £500 if the project/activity is working in partnership with a local organisation.

Examples of things you might want to do include organising community trips, family events, activities for young people; the possibilities are endless!

If you have an idea that would make St. Peter’s and The Moors an even better place to live and work, you can apply for some funding from the Community Chest here. You can also see the kinds of things that have been awarded funding in the past few years if you need some inspiration.

Spend time in a green space

If you have green fingers and you love being out in nature, you can do yourself and your community some good by joining the Friends of Elmfield Park group. The group is a band of like-minded local residents who are dedicated to looking after the green spaces that are so valuable to all of us. From plant swaps to litter picks and garden tidy ups, there’s something you can get involved in.

Many of the group’s activities have been put on hold due to the restrictions but after 29th March, the rule of 6 applies outdoors, so we’re hoping that things can get going again.

The next events on the group’s calendar are:

Tewkesbury Road Garden Tidy up on Saturday 3rd April from 11am

Plant Swap and Litter Pick on Saturday 10th April at 10.00am.

You can join the Friends of Elmfield Park Facebook group here to find out more about the amazing things they do and their upcoming events.

Get your heart pumping

The lovely Amy Pope, a local personal trainer who runs Aptitude Fitness, is looking to run some outdoor bootcamps for ladies in Elmfield Park. Get your heart pumping, have fun, and get your motivation back after lockdown!

Watch this space for more information. 

Have some Easter Holiday Fun

We all need a little light relief and something different after the past few months, and we’ve got some great things going on over Easter for all the family.

From an Easter Egg Trail to cooking sessions, outdoor activities, and opportunities to be creative, there’s something for everyone. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Us and Our Local Community

What do your New Year’s resolutions usually look like?

Do you always pledge to lose weight, get fitter, save more money, or learn something new?

It’s not that these aren’t positive things to do, but 2020 was such a tough year that maybe in 2021, we should be a little bit easier on ourselves and make resolutions instead that restore ourselves, other people, and our community.

Make your wellbeing a priority in 2021

2020 was hard on our physical and mental wellbeing, so make 2021 the year you focus on looking after yourself properly. Eat well but don’t deprive yourself. If you hate the gym, find a mode of exercise you actually enjoy so you stick at it. Make time for self-care, whatever that looks like for you; it might be having a relaxing soak in the bath or even saying no to taking on more responsibilities when your plate is already full. Self-care is not selfish.

Get out in nature

The health benefits of getting out in nature are well-known and we are big advocates of this here at Big Local. During the summer, we held family walks and picnics so people could get the benefits of fresh air and exercise, and we were running our regular litter picks and sessions at our drop-in garden.

While a lot of this was affected by the Coronavirus restrictions, we’re lucky to live in an area where there are plenty of green spaces and beauty spots for us all to enjoy.

Check our Facebook page for updates in the new year on when we can hopefully get our litter picks and gardening activities started again.

Make more time for the things you enjoy

Many people found that the lockdown gave them the chance to slow down and spend more time doing things they enjoy, like spending more time with the family, cooking more, reading, or starting a new hobby. Make a promise to yourself to do more of what you enjoy in 2021.

Look out for others

One of the real positives we saw during the lockdown was that people in the community really came together and helped each other out. People went shopping for elderly or vulnerable neighbours who had to isolate. The local supermarkets donated an unbelievable amount of food and other goods to our #ReduceWaste project. People began to realise the sacrifices that NHS workers and other keyworkers were making just to keep others safe. Let’s keep this kindness going in 2021. Be kind to people you know are struggling. Offer to help without being asked. Ask yourself what can you do to make your part of the community a better place.

Get involved with Big Local

2020 made us all realise the importance of connection and what a difference we can make in our community if we all pull together. There are plenty of ways to join in with Big Local’s efforts to make our community a great place to live.

You could:

  • Help out with our successful #ReduceWaste food project.
  • Join in with one of our litter picks.
  • Contribute to our newsletter or help out with delivering it.
  • Get involved with the Friends of Elmfield Park group.
  • Become a pen pal to someone who is isolated or vulnerable.

And much more!

If you’d like to find out more about any of our opportunities to get involved and do something good for your local community, contact Kelly on 07879113748 or Ali on 07864721616 or send us a message on our Facebook page.

The Big Local Calendar

Our annual Big Local Calendar has been delivered and hopefully you’ll all make good use of it. Thank you to everyone who contributed to it.

Do you have a local business or event that you’d like to promote in next year’s calendar? Get in touch with Kelly on 07879113748 or at

All that’s left to say is that all of us at Big Local wish you all a happy and healthy 2021, and we’ll leave you with these lovely positive words from Councillor Flo Clucas, one of our Big Local partnership members;

Christmas for me is a time of hope, a time for giving, and a time for love. This year, I hope to see my family and give each of them a big hug to show them how much they mean to me, and how much I love and miss them.

We all make Christmas wishes, so my wish to everyone, is for a Happy Christmas and for a New Year full of hope for all. God bless.”