IT Schools Africa


Below is an article on IT Schools Africa who we met at a business event earlier on in the year. They are an UK registered charity with a mission to transform IT education in Africa, they collect old computers, refurbish, upgrade and distribute them to schools in Africa. 

Their programme benefits communities in the UK by:

- Supporting computer refurbishment workshops in five prisons.
- Helping the unemployed gain practical skills and confidence to re-enter the labour market
- Providing work experience for school children, university students and people with learning difficulties.

They are looking for:

- Computers (up to 6 years old)
- Flat screen monitors
- iPads / tablets
- Laptops (with power adapters) 
- Smart mobile phones
- Digital projectors, keyboards, cables
- Hard drives, RAM and mice
- Unused printer cartridges
- Black and White printers
- CD and DVD drives

Any help that can be offered will be gratefully appreciated and if you would you like to volunteer for them then please see the contact details below:

Simon Richardson on 01242 228 800 or or visit