Final Landscape Architecture Presentations!

On the morning of Tuesday 5th May, the Landscape Architecture students from the University of Gloucestershire presented to an audience at Gas Green Baptist Church, on their ideas for possible projects in the area. The audience included fellow students, residents from the Big Local area, the two Big Local workers and representatives from Gas Green.

This was part of the third year students final assignment for the module Design and Community, where they were asked to work with a community to come up with imaginative project ideas for the area, that encourage the community to come together. They were also required to take into account the aims of the St. Peter’s and The Moors (SPTM) Big Local, ensuring that their project could improve one of these.

As a result of engaging with the community through the Community Café, visiting Gardner’s Lane School and talking to people in their own time the four groups of students came up with the following possible projects:

  • A mural on the Tewkesbury Road retaining wall
  • Need 4 Seed - At home food growing project
  • Cheltenham Orchard (A community orchard)
  • Mucky Spade - A time bank gardening group

All four groups presented their proposed projects to a high standard with booklets being given out to demonstrate how their projects would work and what they would look like, there was also a model built to show the murals and food growing kits made.

We from the SPTM Big Local would like to say a big thank you to Scott and his students for putting in so much time and effort, which has built up a successful partnership between us and the Landscape Architecture department. We would like to wish all the students the best of luck in the future and look forward to working with the Landscape Architecture department again.   

Need 4 Seed present their food growing idea
Need 4 Seed present their food growing idea
Members of the audience listening
Members of the audience listening
Members of the audience look at  the plans
Members of the audience look at the plans
Mucky Spade present their idea
Mucky Spade present their idea
Scott says a few words
Scott says a few words