Elmfield Park Development

The first phase of the Elmfield Park development, which was to insert railings around the play area to make it a safer place to play for the community has been completed.

This development was implemented because of the thoughts and opinions that were expressed in the community engagement activities that took place on the 6th June this year, these being 'The Picnic in the Park' and 'BBQ at the Adam & Eve', and through further engagement activities.

As a result of these events the idea to make the area a safer place to play came out as one of the top priorities, and it was decided by the steering group to target this as a good starting point for two of the project's four aims.

These two aims being targeting are to 'make the area safer and cleaner' and the other to 'develop more things to do and places to go in our community'.

There are future plans for the site which will be funded by the Big Local and have been displayed in the July newsletter on page 4, a copy of which can be found by copying the following link in to your browser:


Further improvements for other playing facilities in the area has been budgeted for in the current draft plan, which can be viewed by clicking on the Big Local Plan header on the website.

We hope to hear from more residents about their ideas for the area and together we can achieve the overall vision for the community 'An inspiring community of
supportive neighbours'.