Could You Be Our Next Successful Community Chest Award Winner?

Do you have an idea for a project or activity that would make St Peter’s and The Moors an even better place to live and work?

Applications are open all year round for our community chest fund. Our community chest is a small grants fund for community-led activities or projects that would benefit local people. Individual residents or community groups can apply for funding and it’s really easy to apply.

How much funding could I get?

You can apply for £250 or up to £500 if the project or activity is done in partnership with a local organisation.

What kind of things could I get funding for?

Starting a club such as a book club or art club;

Organising a community or street event;

Organising community trips;

Organising a community sports project;

Organising a community talent show;

Organising a picnic/family event;

Organising some activities for adults and young people.

These are just some ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Maybe you had time during the lockdowns to think of something you would really like to do in the community? Something that would make St. Peter’s and The Moors an even better place to live and work? Well why not give it a go?

A community chest success story

Meet Christina Poulton.

Christina is one of our successful community chest applicants. Her project was setting up the River Chelt Trail, a guided walk along the River Chelt coupled with audio recordings that people can listen to, to find out about their local area and its history.

Read on to find out more about the project and how Christina found the funding application process.

How did you find out about the community chest?

I knew about SPTM Big Local from previous events and my friend said she'd applied in the past so I looked it up.

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

The River Chelt runs through the park behind our house. I started wondering where the river started and where it went to. I've done walks that follow the path of a river before and I didn't think there was anything like that for the Chelt so I wanted to put one together. I'm interested in local history anyway and it was a good excuse to research what this area used to be like.

How did you find the process of applying for community chest funding?

It was a pretty straight forward form, and Kelly offered plenty of support if I needed it. She let me know quite quickly whether I had been successful too, which was great.

Would you recommend the community chest to others? If so, why?

I think it's a good way to make things happen on a very local level. I love the ‘by residents, for residents’ aspect.

How instrumental has the funding been to your project?

It was crucial. It meant I could do the project properly, from recording the audios to producing a website that people could access. 

How has your project benefitted the community?

Over 1000 people have visited the webpage for the trail. It encourages people to find out more about their local area and to follow the river through the town, and through St Peters and The Moors. Lots of people don't really notice or know where the River Chelt goes, so people have said it's encouraged them to walk the river and explore their local area.

During lockdown, people did the trail with their families and some people have got in touch with more information about local history. I was asked to do a guided walk for an event with Cheltenham Science Festival where people could find out more about the ecology of the river from a scientist, and then I shared the trail and the history of the river. It’s great that the trail can be a part of different local events.

The website and the recordings are still live so anyone can follow the map and listen to the audio recordings, either walking the riverbank, or from home.

You can find the trail and the recordings here:

Do you want to help make St. Peter’s and The Moors an even better place to live and work?

If there’s an idea for an activity or project that’s been on your mind, why not see if you can make it a reality?

There’s a simple application form on our community chest page, and our Project Coordinator, Kelly Patterson will be more than happy to provide support and advice on how best to complete the forms or help you with anything else. Once you’ve completed your form, just email it to

Could you be our next successful applicant?