What is the Big Local?

The Big Local is a project that has been set up by the Local Trust, with funding coming from the Big Lottery, in December 2012 St Peter’s and The Moors was selected as one of the 150 Big Local areas in England to receive at least £1 million from the Local Trust over 10 years! After our plan was accepted in December 2014 we now have received the funding for the following year.

Our long term vision for St Peter’s and The Moors is “An inspiring community of supportive neighbours”

The changes we want to bring about to achieve this vision are:

  • enabling residents to be supportive neighbours;
  • helping residents to make ends meet;
  • making the area safer and cleaner; and
  • developing more things to do and places to go in our community.

A lot of people enjoy living in our area and there’s a strong sense of community. However, unlike other areas in Cheltenham where there are concentrations of people living on low incomes, our area has not previously benefited from regeneration funding. This is therefore a great opportunity for local residents to decide what changes would improve the area for the future and how we can make our area an even better place to live and work.