Sunday, 18 Aug 2013 - Family picnic and sports at the Moors Park

The family picnic at Moors was great with so many children and their parents participate.  Children were very enthusiastic with various games and activities.  There were several of the big local steering group join the picnic and it was a wonderful site to see them join the children in games.  It was a sunny day and the atmosphere was beautiful.  One of the residents brought small lunch packs for children.  The residents were very enthusiastic about involving in the big local project.  They said that they would appreciate a place to meet, play and learn - a centre where people from all age groups can meet regularly and have something to do together.  Some of them offered voluntary help to organise events, manage and maintain the centre.  The steering group have promised to look into the possibility of renting or building a centre for the community and organise more events to facilitate the social gathering of the community.  Thanks to all who helped organise the event and specially to those who participated and made the whole event enjoyable and special!