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Big Local Tenner Challenge!

The Big Local are excited to announce a challenge for all residents of the area, named the "Tenner Challenge!"

Here is how you can get involved:

  1. We ask that you get in touch with us and tell us what your idea is
  2. If needed we can then help you with your idea
  3. Then the important bit, we will give you ten pounds 
  4. You can then sell your product at our Picnic in the Park event and get to keep the profits
  5. Let us know how it went and we can share this with the rest of the community

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Here are a few terms and conditions that you need to have in mind:

  • By agreeing to take part in this challenge you will allow the Big Local to share your progress and your challenge entry on the Big Local website, newsletter, social media outlets and other parties such as the local press.
  • The ten pounds cannot be used to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or any other dangerous substances.
  • If you are unable to break even then you will have to give the £10 (or at least £6) back to the Big Local, this will then be donated to a charity of your choice. 
  • You can get things for free as £10 might not be enough - so there are no rules on getting some of your supplies for free!
  • If you are ready to start selling before the Big Local Picnic in the Park event then you can, however, we ask that you still take part on the day of the event.

This idea has been taken from a national scheme started by the charity Young Enterprise called Tenner, which encourages young entrepreneurs between 11 and 19 to think of a new business idea and set it up using just ten pounds. For inspiration on what you can do with your £10 then you can visit their website:

Please see our flyer below for information on the event:

Tenner Challenge Flyer

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Big Local listening campaign

"1000 Conversations"

7th July - 30th September 2015

We want to have 1000 conversations with you as residents and supporters of the Big Local area and we would like you to shape and lead conversations around important spaces in the community. For example, Tewkesbury Road, the old BMX track, St. Peter's Church, Elmfield Park and so much more. There's never be a better time to get involved.

This is how we'll get in touch:

Street Visits

We are getting to know our neighbours the good old fashioned way by knocking on your door. We will be dropping by during the summer holidays, look out for the Big Local badge when we come to your door.

Big Local Resident Forums

How would you like £1 million to make a lasting effect on the community?”

Join the resident’s forum today and have a cuppa and a slice of cake while you are at it!

Activities for young children too during the daytime forums over the Summer Holidays.
When? 7th July & 4th August 2015

Where? The Rock, St Peter’s Church

What time? 10.30am - 12noon or 7.30 - 9pm

(Call Naif or Dan for more information if you would like to join an evening forum, as the location may change)

Big Local Picnic in the Park

When? 15th August 2015

Where? Elmfield Park

What time? 12 noon - 4pm

Based on the success of our May Bank Holiday Fun day in the Moors, we’d like you to join us for a picnic in the park. Take part with a stall, have fun and have your say, there are a lot of exciting new opportunities we can’t wait to share with you!

Would you like to support any of these events?

What other events would you like to see?

Get in touch with Naif or Dan and we’ll see how we can support you.