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Elmfield Park Update

On the 29th January 2015, 114 people signed a petition to put a path in Elmfield Park. In response, Big Local in partnership with Cheltenham Borough Council will put in a path between the Gardner’s Lane entrance and the entrance towards Denman Avenue. 

There will also be adjustments to the Elmfield Road entrance and the Marsh Lane entrance to combat some of the issues resident’s face with muddiness in the winter. The work is taking place now and it is hoped that the improvements will be finished by the start of the Summer Holidays.

How much will it cost?

Big Local are putting £9,200 towards this project, any other costs will be covered by Cheltenham Borough Council.

Who signed the petition?

We had 114 responses, 66 responses were from the Big Local area, 46 responses were people who lived outside the area but frequently use the space. The remaining 2 responses did not specify where they came from.

How can I get involved?

Big Local want more people like you, with an interest in the future of the St. Peter’s & The Moors. Lets make this "An inspiring community of supportive neighbours". 

What other improvements would you like to see in your Big Local Area?” join the conversation…

Visit a resident forum, or get in touch to see what else we will support in the local area.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Emily Leaving

Yesterday was Emily's last day at The Rock which also meant that it was her last day on the Big Local Partnership, first of all we would like to thank her for all of the hard work that she has put into the project and her enthusiasm to get things done!

Without such enthusiasm it can be argued that the Community Café would not be as successful as it is today, encouraging the young volunteers and being a welcoming face, with many residents attending taking the time to talk to Emily about how the café could be improved along with what they already like.

Emily has been on the Big Local Partnership since it's beginnings, adding energy, advice and often mentioning the Community Café on at least three occasions during meetings, I would like to say that this was showing passion! She has also worked hard, along with other members of The Rock team and architects, to draw up plans to redesign the inside of St. Peter's Church to make it into a community space for all, with various activities being able to take place within the space.

Finally, myself and on behalf of the Big Local Partnership and residents would like to say a big thank you and good luck in your new role, I am sure we will see you soon at the Community Café!