List of your views

Following is the list of opinions expressed (only first name and answers to 3 questions on the plan for the project money are displayed). Please note, only those approved for display are listed.. this is to keep the spam out! If you would like to update your view, then check the update link in your email. (the list is being updated)

2. First Name (displayed)9. How would you like to see this area improved with the project money?10. How can you help? (time, skills, experience, advice… etc)
Ian Better litter facilities,an investment in a child facility for eg a splash/adventure park that would not only benefit local children but would continue to bring in finances for a future legacy-something done with the underpass on the tewkesbury road which is a disgrace to the area- leafleting--some time (i don't really have a lot of spare time due to work
Lainey Youth/community centre/club for all ages (possibly Hein Gerrike building on Tewks road) Time
Craig Spend the money on the kids Sorry I can't
Nikki Build a community centre
George Youth Club
Natalie Youth Club for all ages