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Following is the list of opinions expressed (only first name and answers to 3 questions on the plan for the project money are displayed). Please note, only those approved for display are listed.. this is to keep the spam out! If you would like to update your view, then check the update link in your email. (the list is being updated)

2. First Name (displayed)9. How would you like to see this area improved with the project money?10. How can you help? (time, skills, experience, advice… etc)
Nikita a night club for kids and youth club no!
Emma Have a kids night club and a youth club idk sorry babes :)
Emily NIGHT CLUB for kidz pllleeeeeeeaaaaseeee :) don't know sorry bbes! :)
Trudy somewhere to meet other people, socialise, skittles, healthy learning. caring for loved ones and dogs!
Pauline and Maria
Rowena Community Centre informing others
Emma youth club, police station, street cameras
Gaye - benches in Elmfield park, a fence around the play area, parking issues around Sun street and Queen's street - like doing handicraft, can help people around, run a puppet (hand based) group, involved in the Salvation Army, can find furniture for people who are moving in or out of the area.
Tania play equipment for all ages
Carol Play are to be named after Olive Trinder, more play equipment for different ages, more for young people, fencing of the children's play area. scout leader for club/leavers