List of your views

Following is the list of opinions expressed (only first name and answers to 3 questions on the plan for the project money are displayed). Please note, only those approved for display are listed.. this is to keep the spam out! If you would like to update your view, then check the update link in your email. (the list is being updated)

2. First Name (displayed)9. How would you like to see this area improved with the project money?10. How can you help? (time, skills, experience, advice... etc)
Kerry more things for the kids (4-14). Youth club. Decent park. BMX track is overgrown. would be prepared to leaflet
June Mothers don't come out - not interested. Need something for older kids. A community house (better than previous one) Find better ways to cross the road or have a shop on this side. Need some bungalows. More people need to recycle. have expereince organising events. Can show other people how to knit or sew.
Joanne bigger play park aimed at older kids like Frank Brooks. Fence off St Peters Square for kids to play safely. Help with ideas for park
Patricia more help from CBH re: new door, gate, disability assessment would like more information. Could help deliver leaflets. Don't want to go to meetings.
Magdalena want playground improved. Better facilities for junior football. help with children's event. works in Gloucester Road playgroup.
Emma more activities/building for young people, a place to hang-out, fencing for new play equipment in Elm field park, changing behaviours - encourage more responsibility. qualified counsellor
Lorraine community centre, something for young people - youth club, something for children - skate ramp, benches neighbours
Angela More for teenagers like a youth club etc., so we can keep them of the streets. advice
Donna I would like a community area for the young people and older people time
Teresa more litter bins needed, fly-tipping issues, need benches around Elmfield Park, Fencing around children's play equipment in Elmfield Park Hairdresser and can teach hairdressing, self-employed business person, good neighbour, good at organising things