List of your views

Following is the list of opinions expressed (only first name and answers to 3 questions on the plan for the project money are displayed). Please note, only those approved for display are listed.. this is to keep the spam out! If you would like to update your view, then check the update link in your email. (the list is being updated)

2. First Name (displayed)9. How would you like to see this area improved with the project money?10. How can you help? (time, skills, experience, advice... etc)
Hazel Widen Marsh Lane road, provisions for all, safer community, something to bring the community together and preserve green space. Involved in a sewing group and involved with a lot of my neighbours
Andy Keep Elmfield as it is, jumble sales, writing sessions/competitions, Volunteer at the animal shelter and have been part of writers groups
Emma Protect Hardwick green space Gardening and events
Zac A space for people to relax, somewhere that has a variety of activities. Interested in gaming.
Shelley Environmental improvements; clearing of drains, weeds and recreating wildlife area. Unable to due to health
Tom Lighting in St Peters/Chelt walk park would be a massive deterrent to the Anti-social behaviour issues and the burglaries that are in the area at the moment. Email me, happy to help out in any way I can as a representative of the Police.
David Start activities that would encourage community gatherings, learning and co-operation. Recognise those who already contribute, inspire many to dream, create opportunity to express and use talent and skill. inspire, train and encourage. Good at playing chess :)
Sue Litter picking group, introduction of a compost bin, neighbourhood watch signs, no dog fouling signs, more bins in the area. Willing to get involved and can do on a regular basis.
- More sports activities in Elmfield Park, Fill the allotments in Midwinter and ensure that they are being used, Prevent flooding to the allotment site adjacent to the animal shelter, Better waste disposal in the allotment site, Reducing dog mess in the area, Introduce community wardens to the allotment site. A keen gardener who could possibly help out with gardening/environmental projects.
Paul Widen Marsh Lane to allow residents' parking on both sides of the road combined with effective traffic calming. I don't know what help is required. I am willing to participate in most things.