Community news

Saracens FC

Saracens Football Stadium at St Peter's is named The Big Local Stadium, the Big Local is now a proud sponsor of the Cheltenham Saracen FC  Stadium. Saracens supports a lot of community activities in the area.

Community Hub

Bill Halsall and his team from Halsall LP Design has been commissioned to undertake initial idea consultation and scoping for the potential Sport & Community Hub which benefits the surrounding area and community. Further information on how residents can get involved will be update soon.

Community Calendar

The Big Local has implemented an idea of a Big Local Community Calendar from Nikki a community member from the Moors area. The calendar is now distributed to residents living in the big local benefit area, the remaining calendars are being distributed to local businesses.

Community Link Worker

The Big Local through GRCC have appointed a Community Link Worker who will be starting work from 03 Feb 2020, you would be able to meet in the next monthly Big Social meeting.

Next Five Year Plan

The Big Local would need to produce a next five year plan in the next 6 months, so there will be community consultation. Currently we have been able to appoint 4 consultation officers from our community to carry out the consultation work. They will be coming around the community to talk with you, please welcome them and talk to them about what matters to you most and what we should focus on in the next and final five years.