Community Chest

Any two or more residents of the St Peter's and the Moors area can apply for Community Chest.  You can claim up to £250 all that is required is that it should be a community oriented activity.  It could be that you would like to:

  • start a small community club
  • organise a community or street fun party
  • organise a trip taking along some of the community members
  • organise a small community sports
  • organise a community talent show
  • organise a picnic
  • organise something for children (would require fulfilling safeguarding requirement)
  • organise some activity for adults, youth etc
  • anything that you think would get the community involved in a small or big way

Our community chest is a small grants fund for community-led activity or projects  to enable local residents and groups to try out.

The aim of the community chest is to:

  • Help make St. Peter’s and The Moors an even better place to live and work
  • Support residents to take action on the 4 priorities of the St. Peter’s and The Moors Big Local

If you are interested,  please download and complete this simple application form:

Our Project Coordinator, Kelly Patterson will be more than happy to provide support and advice on how best to complete the forms or help you with any activities

Once complete, please email:

We aim to have a reponse to you within 3 weeks from submission of your application.

The following projects have been awarded:

  • The Rock Community Cafe Pilot Project (June to July 2014) - £258.60
  • Community Sports Day (July 24, 2014) - £350
  • The Moors Community Fund and Table Top Sale (August 9, 2014) - £260
  • Community Cafe at The Rock (Oct to Nov 2014) - £491.81
  • Community Cafe and Christmas Card Project (Dec 2014) - £291.41
  • Community Choir (Sept 2015) - £325

Download the Award Claim and Reporting Form: