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March Newsletter

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Please click the link for the latest newsletter for the month of March.

Thank you to all the residents who have helped deliver the newsletter this month, we would also like to thank residents for your continued support for the Big Local Project.

In this edition we have:

  • Dates for your diary
  • News on the Project Coordinator
  • Information and advice from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Information on a Zumba class in the area
  • A brief report on the Moors tidy up event
  • News on Community Chest improvements
  • Big Local Workshop Spring Event details
  • Your monthly wordsearch!

Newsletter: Newsletter_March

Powerchair Football Team



Brilliant article today on the second page of the Echo on Cheltenham Saracens Powerchair Football team, they have bought their first chair through fundraising!

They also have three charity bag packing events coming up:

April 11th between 9am and 4pm at Tesco in Colletts Drive

May 23rd between 10am and 6pm at Morrisons in Caernarvon Road, Up Hatherley

Cheltenham Saracens Powerchair FC final bag pack on June 6th between 10am and 4pm at Asda in Hatherley Lane.

For more information on the team please visit


Big Local Spring Event

We are pleased to announce that we are going to be part of the Big Local's spring event in Bristol on the 14th April, where we will be sharing our experiences of working with an educational institute, which is The University of Gloucestershire.

The following link gives some information on the event itself:

January/February Community Chat!

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The Community Chat Newsletter has been delivered to all households in the Big Local area, let us know if you have not received yours, the following link will display the latest newsletter: Newsletter_Jan.Feb

Once again thank you to all those residents who have helped to deliver the Community Chat, Dan.

University Presentations

On Tuesday the 27th January the Landscape and Architecture third year students, from the University of Gloucestershire presented their assignment work at Gas Green Baptist Church. Their first assignment task was to produce a memory map of the area, from their experiences of walking around with Dan and by their selves. This was then presented to their class mates, lecturer, Dan and residents of the community.

These memory maps were presented in a variety of ways which included; a video of the area taken on a bike imposed onto a chipboard with residents and the students views hung from it using nails and luggage labels, a video of parts of the area with background sound, a poem describing the layers of the community and 3D cardboard structure showing different areas.

The presentations were enjoyed by all and we look forward to the students second assignment where they have to make suggestions on what can be changed in the area. This will be done by working alongside the residents of the Big Local area.

Below are some images of the morning courtesy of Scott Farlow who is the students lecturer for the module.


AD6601 in full flow                   AD6601 two masks                    AD6601 sermon        AD6601 audience AD6601 Sun StreetAD6601 red light

Green Spaces Forum


There will be a Green Spaces Forum at the Community Café on Monday the 9th February.


This will be an opportunity for you to come along to speak to other residents, Dan and members of the council to get some ideas for how the green spaces in the area can be developed.

This could be as simple as putting a path in one of the parks to a more complex project such as creating a conservation area, your views will be valuable in what happens or what does not happen!

We look forward to meeting you!

The Community Café is between 3:30 p.m and 5:30 p.m at The Rock Sports Hall, Tewkesbury Road, GL51 9AH.  

December Newsletter


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The December 'Community Chat' is being delivered, apologies about the lateness! We would once again like to thank all of the Big Local 'posties' for there help in delivering this months edition and for your continued support.

We hope you enjoy reading it and would like to get your comments on what is in the newsletter, along with what you would like to see put into it in the future.

In this edition there is:

  • A front cover picture from Artist Scott Farlow
  • News on our grant funding success
  • An inspirational story from a resident
  • News from Gardner's Lane School
  • Reports on the Christmas Fairs
  • A report on the Community Cafe Christmas Special
  • A new wordsearch

The 'Community Chat' newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


Get in touch with Dan (Community Engagement Worker):


Ring: 07914 347 483

Grant Funding Success!

Canada's_fireworks_at_the_2013_Celebration_of_Light_in_Vancouver,_BC.jpg (1656×1100)

We are excited to announce that the St. Peter’s and The Moors Big Local Project has received the first years grant funding from the Local Trust, after a successful assessment of the SPTM Big Local plan.

The total grant funding for the first year is £93,891.00 with 5% (£4,471.00) of the grant being contributed towards Big Local partnership running costs and grant administration, as set out by the Local Trust.

This money will be spent between December 2014 and November 2015 in line with the first years planned budget, a copy can be viewed on our website under the heading of Big Local Plan.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed towards the project so far, and look forward to seeing news faces joining the project and adding their new ideas in the future.

If you would like to know more information on the project or want to have your opinions heard then please get in contact with Dan our Community Engagement Worker, his contact details are below.

Phone: 07914 347 483 or 01242 700 700


Tweet: @BigLocalChelt

Facebook: Big Local Project - Cheltenham

November Newsletter

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The November newsletter has been delivered in the coldest weather that we have had this year! We would like to thank all of the Big Local 'posties' for there help in delivering this months edition.

We hope you enjoy reading it and would like to get your comments on what is in the newsletter, along with what you would like to see put into it in the future.

In this edition there is:

  • The announcement of the winner of the name the newsletter competition
  • An impressive front cover picture
  • A message from local PCSO Tom Newrick on winter safety
  • A report on the St.Peter's Church war memorial remembrance service
  • A thoughtful resident poem
  • Advertising of new opportunities, one being the chance to be in a musical
  • A soup recipe from a resident
  • Upcoming events
  • A wordsearch (as suggested by residents)

The newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


Get in touch:


Ring: 07914 347 483

Assessment Visit


On Monday 17th November the partnership were visited by Nicola who is from the Local Trust, this was a very important visit and at the same time an excellent opportunity for the partnership to show Nicola all the hard work that is and has been going on in the area.

The main reason behind the visit was for Nicola to ask questions about the Big Local Plan and the budget allocation for the first two years of the project, she will then decide in the next two to three weeks whether or not the money can be granted for the first two years according to the budget.

We would like to thank everybody who was able to make the meeting and look forward to Nicola's reply!